Why to Not Trust HomeAdvisor

Home advisors are being involved in many controversial issues these days. Always be aware before you trust a home advisor. The home advisors are involved in scamming many people. In this article, we will discuss why not trust a home advisor.

Most of the home advisors are frauds and they are taking benefits from you. They use only your name and grow their own business.

Should You Use the Services of The Home Advisor?

This is an ultimate question, must think before you hire a home advisor. Personally, I believe it is not effective at all and create problems for you. They use your name on their own website. This is a huge problem for anyone who wants to hire a home advisor. Do not use home advisors services because you can fill your schedule without HA.

Cons of Home Advisor

  • Bad Leads: Bad leads are a big problem. I used HomeAvisor to get more leads for my frameless patio doors service and I have received various leads that people just price spending without any interest in hiring someone. In some cases, they even cannot answer your phone. In some cases, they will grant you a refund, but still, I have paid for several worst leads.
  • Expensive: Bigger jobs have bigger leads and much expensive. However, some people only sign up for minor job leads.
  • Giving up Rights to Your Own Brands: House advisor can use the information of your profile in the terms of service and can direct link to their own site. They can use this to promote their business can use this by using your name.

What I Recommend

I personally recommend you not to trust a home advisor because they always use your name to grow their business. They always scam people and take huge profits. Hiring a home advisor is not a good idea you can handle this at your own and always try to away from home advisors.


15 Reasons Why People Love Open Floor Plans

Modern open floor plan dining room design accented with stone fireplace wall facing black dining table with leather chairs overlooking lush outdoors. Northwest, USA; Shutterstock ID 564982291; Purchase Order: –

Everyone loves to live in open floor plans, this is a growing trend these days. People love to live in open floor plans and that’s why this trend is becoming more famous. In this article, we’ll discuss the aspects of the open floor plans. We will explore a few things to think before you commit an open floor house plan. Below are 15 reasons why people love open floor plans

More improved view and natural light

People love open floor plans because they can get more natural light and improved views. Natural light exposure has been proven to raise productivity, improve your mood, and even you’ll sleep better

Connect outdoor and indoor space

An open floor plan helps you out to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces. It will make a unique connection between both indoor and outdoor living spaces of your house.

You feel your house bigger

Removing repositioning load-bearings element and interior walls helps you out to feel less congested and larger space.

More fun and entertaining

If you love parties with your friends and family. Open floor plan best suits you, guest can easily mingle and easily walk from room to room, feel more comfort and ease.

Adding Flexibility

Open floor plans add great flexibility to your sweet houses. Let’s take an example if your dining area is connected with your living room area, the distance begins to blur. It will give you more options and flexibility.

Perfect for latest kitchens

An open floor plan provides more room for everyone to sit in the kitchen and eat their meal comfortably.

It increases the resale value of your house

An open floor plan will increase the resale value of your house. A study shows that open floor plan is high in value than close floor plans.

Great for old people

Open floor plans are best for you to enjoy golden years of life for many people.

Fewer walls

Open floor plans have fewer walls and they look so beautiful and stunning.

Open space and an open mind

People don’t feel comfortable in confined spaces. An open floor plan concept gives you a great feeling of an open mind and open space.

Better air flow

The wide-open floor plans make it easy to beat the heat. During the summers, you can get more air flow through the open spaces of your house.

Connect to peoples

Open floor plans allow more people to live in the same room and spaces. This is good for entertainment, for family and guests.

More living space.

Open floor plans give you more living space than close floor plans.

Looks beautiful

Open floor planes look stunning and more beautiful.

Safety of your kids

Open floor planes enable you to keep an eye on you little once and make it easy for you to take care of your kids.


Working with construction contractors. Things to know

If you are going to work with general construction contractors for the first time, there are a couple of things that you should know. Things that will make your project a lot more successful. Too many people don’t know these facts, and they are regretting working with contractors. But this will not happen if you know these things.

Ensure that you are clear about what you want

You should make it clear about what you want to get done. And, how you want it to get done. There are many communication problems between a client and general contractor. This is mostly because you weren’t clear enough about what you want.

You have the right to get things done, the way you wanted it. You can listen to advise, but at the end of the day, they need to do what you requested.

Speak up when they aren’t doing it as you ask them to

Another mistake that many people are making with general construction contractors. They don’t say something if they see that there is something that the contractors are doing wrong.

If you see that they didn’t understand you, or they aren’t doing it according to what you asked, you should speak up. Immediately. This is the only way that the problem can be corrected without any delays. Don’t be afraid to speak up. You are the client and you are the one paying them.

You are entitled to a free quotation

You can ask them to come to your home for an obligation free quotation. This might just be an estimate, and the prices can change, but you are entitled to get one for free.

How, will you know if you want to make use of the contractor if they aren’t able to give you an estimate after they saw what you want to get done. If they aren’t prepared to give you a free quotation, they don’t want your business.

It is important to know how to work with your contractors. This is the only way that you can get the project done, how you wanted it. And, you will know for sure that the contractors know exactly what you want to get done. You are the one paying for the project, so they really need to listen to your needs. If not, they aren’t the right contractors for your project. It is also important to make sure that you get an estimate on paper before you start building.