Love Is Better Than Anger And Being Bitter All Of The Time

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A guy walks into another guy’s dorm room one hot afternoon. He just stands there and he says to the other guy; I love you. The cynical reader who may be feeling tired, hot too, bitter and angry at this time will undoubtedly be thinking of ulterior motives. This could have something to do with contentious sexual preferences. It could also have something to do with the habits of those Bible punchers. Or the young guy, minding his business in his dorm room, could be faced with an out and out narcissist.

Regular readers may just be saying; is this guy for real. Really?! Folks, there is no time in this life for cynicism. It is especially the case for those of you who are feeling quite lonely, bitter and angry at this time. No-one needs to be lonely. No-one deserves to be lonely. Bad things happen to everyone, and no matter what harm was done in the past, there really is no need to continue to feel bitter. Nothing ever seems to go your way.

You kick a lot of things in your way, and you risk your health and life on risky ventures to take out your frustrations. For most people, telling someone that they love them is hard. Asking for help is also one of the hardest things to do. But your case is urgent and you need help now. Swallow your pride and look into taking part in online anger management courses. Going this route to help yourself should spare you. Dealing with someone, face to face and in the flesh, talking about your problems is not easy.

Perhaps the distance across the internet, as ironic as this may seem, will do you some good.