The Most Expensive Bail Bonds Ever

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Bail bonds are available to help individuals who’ve been arrested get out of jail until their court hearing. Most people prefer using a bail bond because they pay only 10% of the bond amount, plus a small bondsman fee. Most crimes are given bond, thus finding Westmoreland County bail bonds to get you out of jail should never be difficult.

Westmoreland County bail bonds

Unless, of course, you’ve found yourself in a situation with a bond like any of the following. Excessive and unordinary, these bond amounts would make an ordinary person cringe. But, these amounts and accounts are very much real and numbers that people who, just like yourself, we’re facing time behind bars if bond was posted on time.

Michael Milken holds the record for most expensive bond ever, with an amount of $250 million needed to get out from behind bars. The Business Magnate was accused in a 1989 Wall Street scam and was convicted on 98 counts of security fraud and racketeering. A 10-year prison sentence was given to Milken, though he was out after serving less than two of those years.

Julius Meinl had a bond of $133 million. A Britain billionaire, Meinl, was suspected of conducting buybacks associated with his company, European Land Company. He paid the bond during the 2009 arrest.

Bernard Ebbers, CEO of WorldCom, had a $10 million bond. While a far cry from the triple digit bonds above, it is certainly an excessive amount to pay, but one most anyone willingly forks over for their freedom.

Hopefully, a bond of these amounts is one that you’ll never see, but it is reassuring to know that the bondsman is there to help. Sitting behind bars is never a good way to spend your time. Make sure that you get in touch with a bail bondsman so that you can get out of jail fast.