Why to Not Trust HomeAdvisor

Home advisors are being involved in many controversial issues these days. Always be aware before you trust a home advisor. The home advisors are involved in scamming many people. In this article, we will discuss why not trust a home advisor.

Most of the home advisors are frauds and they are taking benefits from you. They use only your name and grow their own business.

Should You Use the Services of The Home Advisor?

This is an ultimate question, must think before you hire a home advisor. Personally, I believe it is not effective at all and create problems for you. They use your name on their own website. This is a huge problem for anyone who wants to hire a home advisor. Do not use home advisors services because you can fill your schedule without HA.

Cons of Home Advisor

  • Bad Leads: Bad leads are a big problem. I used HomeAvisor to get more leads for my frameless patio doors service and I have received various leads that people just price spending without any interest in hiring someone. In some cases, they even cannot answer your phone. In some cases, they will grant you a refund, but still, I have paid for several worst leads.
  • Expensive: Bigger jobs have bigger leads and much expensive. However, some people only sign up for minor job leads.
  • Giving up Rights to Your Own Brands: House advisor can use the information of your profile in the terms of service and can direct link to their own site. They can use this to promote their business can use this by using your name.

What I Recommend

I personally recommend you not to trust a home advisor because they always use your name to grow their business. They always scam people and take huge profits. Hiring a home advisor is not a good idea you can handle this at your own and always try to away from home advisors.